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Single Human
Under 15"

Gary Falin
Sinking Feeling
Phillip LaGreco
It wasn't me
Gary Falin
Willie Makit

Single Human
Over 15"
Ronnie Reed
Anna Canatuna
Jim Dupont
Miss Chievious
Jim Dupont
Elmo at the Auction

Single Animal
Bill Butterfield
Sparky Wins the Fun Run
W. Allen Goodman
Blue Tick Hound
William W. Rought Jr
Walking Dragon

Group Carvings
Bob Maiers
Saturday Night Fever
Gary Falin
Pass the Bacon
Rusty Johnson
Welcoming Committee

James Fecteau
Pasquale the Painter
Bruce Futterer
Lincoln Thinkin
James Creveling
Harley Who?

Bust, Heads
and Masks
Gary Falin
Duded Up
Wayne Shinlever
Dead Eye Derk
Ronnie Reed

Gary Falin
Anna Regal
Eastern Tea Lover
Paul Bouchard
Just Sittin Around

Bruce Futterer
Caricatures Clinbing Cane
Renee' Manning
Toothpick Holder
W. allen Goodman
Elf on Rock

Nathaniel Johnson
Cross-eyed Native American
Amber Warf
Ghost & Pumpkin

Renee' Manning
Joe Schumacher
Prison Break
Phillip LaGreco
Old Guy

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