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CCA Carving Sale
Saturday, September 25, 2010,
6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Central time
Best Western Branson Inn and Conference Center
8514 State HWY 76
Branson West, MO 65737

  • The CCA announces the sale of twenty-four original caricature carvings. The sale of these carvings will be begin 6:00 P.M. and close at 9:00 P.M. Central time, on Saturday September 25, 2010. Interested buyers can submit their name in accordance with the procedures listed below either in person, by phone, or by e-mail. Special telephone numbers and the e-mail address will be open only during sale hours.

  • Interested buyers can make their intentions known during sale hours in person, via e-mail or by telephone. Should more than one commitment be received for any carving during the sale, a lottery of names drawn at random will be held immediately following the close of the sale to determine the order in which potential buyers will be contacted. The first name drawn will have 10 minutes to decide whether or not to complete the purchase. Should that person pass we will move on to a second name, and so on.

  • In case of technical difficulties no transactions will be undertaken until all systems are operational.

  • This is a phenomenal opportunity for collectors to acquire unique caricature carvings, including several pieces from CCA members who do not typically sell their work.

CCA Sale – Contact Information
· (623) 234-1664

· (623) 234-1676

· (623) 234-1679


CCA will except credit card transactions through PayPal during the auction. Please use the button below to pay with credit card or with a PayPal account.


The above phone numbers and e-mail will only be monitored on the night of the sale, September 25, 2010 - between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m. CDT.

For questions between now and the time of the sale, please e-mail us at: or you may call Randy Landen at 316.788.0175 or Bob Travis at 406.995.2918.

This sale takes place during the CCA’s Annual Business meeting in Branson. There will be a public reception during the hours of the sale. We invite you to come see the carvings in person. Additional CCA carvings will be on exhibit during the reception.

Phil Bishop


“Medicine Show with Dr. Hedgethicket Esq. III”

Hawking his wares came about during the Oklahoma Centennial celebration, held at the Flying W Guest Ranch in Elk City, OK.  Hedgethicket amazed the crowds as they participated in a rain dance while he blasted a shot gun into the air, making it rain from a cloudless sky.  Medicine shows were traveling horse and wagon teams which peddled miracle medications and other products between various entertainment acts.  Snake Oil as it was known was claimed to have the ability to cure any disease, smooth wrinkles, remove stains, prolong life, or cure anything that ailed you.  Entertainment often included a freak show, a flea circus, musical acts, magic tricks, jokes, and trained mice.

Size: 19 1/2" h x 9 1/2" w X 6" d

Sale price $1600.00


Vicki Bishop

“Martha Jane”

The idea for this carving came from viewing an HBO series called Deadwood.  Martha Jane Cannary aka Calamity Jane was a fascinating character who showed her contempt of convention which she displayed by wearing men’s clothing, cussing, chewing tobacco, drinking and in general trying to best the men she associated with.  The costume she was wearing was the inspiration for carving this piece.  She was a bullwhacker so a bullwhip had to be constructed.  Having braided several bullwhips (actually snake whips) one summer for our son, Phil, and me, the scale model of these whips was created.  It was braided out of kangaroo over wire so it would form to look like she was cracking it.  There was no way to carve this out of wood, so the next best thing was done.

Size: 19" h x 8" w x 6" d

Sale price $1200.00

David B. Boone

"Blue's Sick"

I was born and bred in the mountains of North Carolina.  We grew up surrounded with good mountain people.  I guess that’s why I love to carve the mountain way of life. Here in the mountains, a dog is not just man's best friend - a good dog is part of the family.  I have seen men get sick and never go to the doctor, but OLD BLUE would get sick and off to the doctor they go as fast as the old truck can run. I have been told that I carve the way Norman Rockwell painted, so I work to tell a story…..and I love a good story.

Size: 13" h x 16" w x 12" d

Sale price $1500.00

Mitch Cartledge

“Slim – Sundays Best”

Most folks that grew up in a small town or rural area know of someone like Slim.  No one knows his real name, but everyone knows him well.  Often coming through the neighborhood, offering to help with any little chore, this gentleman was such an individual.  He would rake leaves, pick up pine cones and help in gardens for those that lived along the road that he traveled daily.  Slim performed these duties because he genuinely wanted to help, but was usually rewarded with fresh food, chewing tobacco (which he preferred over cigarettes), or some other type of hand-me-down.  This carving is in remembrance of Slim – dressed in his finest outfit, complete with wide brimmed hat. The suit is a bit out of style, but it fits him well.

Size: 10.25" h x 6.25" w x 5"d

Sale price $750.00



Paul (P.J.) Driscoll

“Ya Find Out Who Your Friends Are”

From the looks of things, this cowboy has had some real bad luck.  While busting broncos and bull riding, he happened to break both arms.  Now it is bad enough when you break one arm, but when two are broken, you are limited to a few things you can do.  So when he calls on his friends for a little help, he finds out from the looks of things no help is in his future.  While the cowboys are briefly thinking about helping, he notices one cowboy is clinched to the rail on the fence and he is not letting go and the other one is waiting for the dog to step in, which is not going to happen. So this bad luck cowboy is what we call a 'lonesome cowboy' because from the looks of things, unless anyone else shows up, he is on his own. And time is not on his side.

Size: 14" h x 12" w  x 13" d

Sale price $2200.00


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