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Phil Bishop
 Phil Bishop

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Phil Bishop

Phil Bishop of Elk City, OK, was a full time woodcarving instructor along with his wife Vicki. Special thanks go out to Ed Zinger for giving Phil the opportunity to teach at the Rendezvous in Branson, MO, which gave him a shot for a very successful teaching career.

Phil was inspired by the carving books of Steve Prescott, Cleve Taylor, Harold Enlow, and Tom Wolfe, also by the work of Randy Landen and Dave Dunham.  He also admires the cartoons of Herb Mignery.  He also was taken with the work of Chris Hammack, Gene Zesch, and many other caricature artists.

The Bishops were on the road for about 200 days a year teaching 25-30 seminars a year. They have retired from teaching on the woodcarving circuit and will continue to attend woodcarving shows and having a great time with old friends.  Phil will be creating new one of a kind pieces and designing new pieces for the catalog of over 100 roughout designs.

Phil became a member of the Caricature Carvers of America in 1998, Emeritus member in 2006, and active member again in 2010.

Tip: Phil’s advice to caricature carvers is stretch your imagination to the limit and love what you do.

Contact info:
Bishops Woodcarving
1123 West 6th Street
Elk City, OK 73644
(580) 225-3109


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