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 Vic Otto

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Vic Otto

Vic began carving in 1988. He had been building fly rods and tying flies and was looking for a new hobby. His wife Laura purchased an Old World Santa, and a series of lessons from veteran carver Don Brigham as a Christmas present. The combination of camaraderie and working with his hands was all it took for Vic to fall in love with woodcarving. Caricature carving seemed to be a natural path because the embellished features of the carvings fit in with Vic’s sense of humor.

Vic grew up around his father’s cabinet shop and had always shared his dad’s appreciation for a nice product out of a good piece of wood. Vic enjoys mixing real-life detail and exaggeration within the same carving. His scenes generally are based on an actual situation or one that could have happened.

Vic lives in Boise, Idaho with his wife Laura. He works for Idaho Power Co. as a substation technician.

Vic has served as president of the Idaho Woodcarvers Guild and as chairman of the annual Competition and Exhibition.

Vic is available to teach woodcarving seminars and judge exhibits and shows. His carvings are available for sale.

Contact info:
Vic Otto
12565 W. Lewis & Clark Dr.
Boise, ID 83713-0013


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