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2002 National Caricature Carving Competition Results
Click the links next to each name to see a large image of each carving.
Best of Show
James Fecteau     Cave Family
Second Best of Show
Gary Falin     Thumbin
Third Best of Show
Jack Williams     Wanted Dead or Alive
People's Choice
Bob Young     Chess Set
CCA Merit Award
James Fecteau     Cave Family

1st Place

2nd Place

3rd Place
Single Human Under 15"
Gary Falin
James Fecteau
Bill Jenkins
Dynamite Dick
Single Human Over 15"
Jim DuPont
Rhea Pulsive
Ken Helvie
Rooster Cogburn
Bill Jenkins
Picking Up
Single Animal
Bill Butterfield
Tangled Up
Michael Bloomquist
The Delicate Cut
Group Carvings
Bill Jenkins
We Call Him Shorty
Jack Williams
Chick Magnet
James Fecteau
Cave Family
Bruce Futterer
Willie and Joe
Puddy Atkinson
Sledding Children
Bust, Head, & Masks
Jack Williams
Wanted Dead or Alive
Ken Helvie
Richard Petty
Joe Schumacher
Rattlesnake Jake
Joe Schumacher
Door for Dummies
Allen Goodman
Paul Bouchard
Looking Back
Walter Lagrone
Bruce Futterer
Faces on Cane
B.G. Smith
Animals on Cane
Youth (Under 18 yrs old)
Joe Futterer
Gary Falin
Toe Flosser
Gary Falin
Walking Hobo
Ron Kincanon
Saturday Night Bath

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