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 The final bid for this eBay auction was $3,303.00.

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The Woodcarver

 “The Woodcarver” was created by CCA to help our friend Marnie Whillock's as she battled cancer.  This original, one-of-a-kind carving entitled “The Woodcarver” was sold on the internet auction site eBay in April of 2006, with all proceeds donated to Marnie’s health care fund.  Marnie lost her hard-fought battle on July 2, 2007, but Marnie’s Carving Magazine serves as her legacy.  She was a good friend to the CCA, and we will all miss her.

About the carving:  “The Woodcarver” was designed by CCA member Phil Bishop.  We divided Phil’s design into eight separate body parts, each carved by a different CCA member. Marv Kaisersatt carved the head and Harold Enlow provided the torso.  Gary Batte carved the left arm and Eldon Humphreys did the right arm.  The hands were carved by Dave Stetson (right) and Jack Williams (left).  Gerald Sears carved the left leg and Bob Travis contributed the right leg.  In addition to the original design, Phil Bishop built the workbench, and the partially finished carving sitting atop.  Dogs were contributed by Tom Wolfe (hound dog on the floor) and David Boone (black dog on the shelf).  The “carving idea machine”, a must for every carving studio, was provided by Cleve Taylor and Vic Otto.  The mallet tools, calipers, and carving arm are the work of Doug Raine, and the saws were contributed by Keith Morrill.  The palm tools, complete with faces, were the brainchild of Pete LeClair.  The completed Wizard carving and the roughout of same were carved by Joe You.  And finally, Randy Landen assembled the body parts, designed and constructed the studio, and painted the whole mess.  Basswood blocks on bench shelf, wood chips, and the mouse in the wall were just an afterthought, but fortunately for us, the finished carving has that “it almost looks planned” mystique. 

The final bid for this
eBay auction was $3,303.00



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